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Complete Hives

"Built for the Bees"


Simply the best at a price comparable to the rest!

Complete Select Hive - $375

Complete Commercial Hive - $360

All of our complete hives come painted and ready to go. And no, we certainly don't just use "paint and primer in one." Our hives are primed using Kilz III to seal the wood properly and then painted with Behr Premium Plus low VOC formula.

What's included with a complete hive setup (from top to bottom)?

- Telescoping Outer Cover

- Propolis Encouraging Inner cover

- Two Premium Honey Supers

- 20 medium frames with white Premier extra heavy wax foundation

- Two Deep Brood Boxes   

- 20 deep frames with black Premier extra heavy was foundation

- Solid bottom board 

- Entrance reducer

- Metal bound queen excluder (optional add $10)

- Heavy Duty Angled Base (optional add $18)

- Leg Kit (optional add $20)

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