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Bottom Boards


What can be done differently with a bottom board? Well, the envelope isn't complete unless the bees have a place to propolize where all the bad stuff comes in!


A shortened landing board? YES! While the bees don't need a landing board, sometimes it's nice to watch them ventilate the hive and hang out on the front porch. What's not fun to watch is when the rain drips of the outer cover onto the bottom board. You know...the bees stuck on their backs, we don't like that either.

Our bottom board sticks out less than the outer cover whether it's telescoped in or out. Keeping those few bees from dying on their backs and extending the life of the bottom board itself, while giving the bees adequate space to ventilate the hive.

It's the little things!


As with all our equipment, we use glue coated 7/16" crown staples and Titebond III on all joints for superior withdrawal strength.

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