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Package Bees?

NO! Every package bee supplier claims to have good, nay, the best quality packages...Every. Single. One. Yet every year half of them do not survive; what's the supplier's response? "It was the beekeepers' fault." Is that true? Sometimes, yes. But selling an inexperienced beekeeper package bees is starting them off with a significant disadvantage and the suppliers know it.

We believe in sustainable beekeeping and right now we don't believe package bees are part of that equation. Our promise to you is that until the package bee industry works through the issues it's facing we will not sell package bees. 

For us it's an integrity issue and we won't compromise on that.



Our queens are the result of our best effort to make quality queens. We breed for disease resistance, gentleness, honey production, and propolis production.


At this time we anticipate adding UBO assay to our selection process but this is dependent on product development and release.

Our queen supply is limited (we never queen bank our queens) and they are only available when conditions work out well enough for us to make queens we're proud to sell; for that reason we announce when we have them and it's first come, first serve. 

Swarm of Bees


Similar to our queens, when we have nucs to sell we announce it, and they are on a first come first serve basis. If we sell you a nuc, it will be quality. No old comb, no broken frames, and no queens that are performing "meh." Beekeeping is likely the most community driven agricultural discipline there is; we aim to be part of the solution, not the problem.

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