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Tripartite Mating Nucs

Our propolis encouraging mating nucs set a new standard for quality and functionality. Our 7/8" lumber is accompanied by 3/8" plywood dividers to resist warping over time as well as bending when prying frames.

As with all our equipment, our mating nucs come with a full top joint (you'll never find that flimsy tab at Union Bee Company), oversized handles, as well as glue coated staples for superior pull apart strength.


In addition to thicker more durable dividers, we've added frame guides to our mating nuc bottom boards to help keep the dividers straight.

We'd be amiss if we didn't mention our bottom board frame and entrances are recessed from the outside of the hive bodies; limiting opportunities for water intrusion is the name of the game!


Looking to make life easier? A reversed queen excluder in addition to our mating nuc feeder boards allows for easy feeding as well as enabling the bees to balance populations between the three nucs.

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