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Angled Bases



We set out to build a better hive, and we didn't stop at the bottom board. But how did we improve on the  angled base? Well, we didn't take short cuts in our material and joints like the competition, it was that simple.

Imagine your home has 2x6 walls. Now imagine going into the basement to find that instead of a concrete foundation, you have 2x6's instead. Not a very good foundation, right? The same principle applies to beehives. So while others feel a 3/4" base is good enough, we don't. That's why our angled bases use 2x4 construction, for a base that's 50% heavier than the competition.


And what about the joints? Should we take a short cut like the competition and use butt joints? Nah. We not only rabbeted our joints but the entire perimeter of the base as well, allowing your bottom board to lock into the base. As it should.

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