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The Propobody!

Deep Propobody: $22

Unassembled Deep Propobody: $20

Medium Propobody: $22

Unassembled Medium Propobody: $20


Oversized Handles ✓

Full Top Joint ✓

7/16" Crown Glue Coated Staple Construction ✓

Tight is Right Joints ✓



At Union Bee Company we like it rough....our beehives that is. Our rough side in hive bodies will encourage your bees to build that ever so important propolis envelope.

Choose our hive bodies and the girls will give you mad props!


With our oversized handles, you can kiss the feeling of rock climbing in the apiary goodbye! While a normal hive body has  1/2" depth and 2" of clear length, our 7/8" lumber allows us to go a maximum of 5/8" depth without compromising the integrity of the box. Take that extra 1/8" and add it to the full 4" of clear depth and you have a handle you can grab on to, gloves or no gloves!

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